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The Importance of Keeping Your Contact Information Up to Date.

Whether it be a physical move or getting a new phone number, with either, there comes a laundry list of things to update!  It is easy to forget one of the top things on that list is to update your contact information on your financial accounts. This step will reduce the chances of your information getting into the wrong hands which can save you many hours, headaches, and even money if your information were to be stolen or compromised.

Opted in for online statements? You still need to ensure that your financial institutions and professionals can contact you via phone and mail. In a day and age where a lot of communication takes place electronically, it is even more important that a financial professional has current and accurate contact information to reach you.  It is always our goal to minimize the chance of your information being compromised and you can help us do so ensuring we have updates to all methods of communication.  Your relationship is valuable, and we want to be a part of protecting you and your wealth.

Updating your contact information is simple and will only take you a few minutes. The best way to update or confirm the accuracy of your contact information is to give our office a call at (715) 235-7575 and speak to someone on our team.


Now back to those online statements!  Signing up for online statements and notifications can save you money and give you peace of mind. Wait, online statements can save you money? Yes, if you opt-in to receive your trade confirmations via eDelivery for your Pershing accounts you can save up to $1.50 per trade and have peace of mind that there is no mail in your mailbox or in the mail system to be lost or stolen.


Did you think I was going to end the blog without giving you more on signing up for eDelivery? If you hold a Pershing account, you can sign up for eQuipt by going to and walking through the prompts to sign up. Once logged in you can click the “Go Paperless” icon in the upper right to customize your eDelivery preferences. Reach out to me by calling the office at (715) 235-7575 or emailing me at to request more information or assistance if you are having trouble logging in.

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